1.  Hi All

Paul Kasper and I rushed to get the Flame Thrower page out in time for
vets day -- and with another day's work the pictures now are MUCH
larger AND it is backed up by the sounds of an AFVN AF Sgt Don
Cotterell radio show from 1972.  So sit back now and watch the napalm
float while sipping a beer and hearing Don Cotterell again. larger fle-runs 40minutes + or Minus            Real player required  Flame Thrower slide show and AFVN music


2. Flame Applett (special type of graphic)--this is a photo of the first Army/Navy Flame unit



3.    APC/ flame manual



4. This is a friend of mine- Top Quality material from AFVN on CD--check out the list


If you have a site or photos/videos to submit--please contact me at parker@webworkz.com  thanks and enjoy

last--my Main Page/Site http://msnhomepages.talkcity.com/LaGrangeLn/r_a_camaro/      my
homepages for Vietnam info-9th inf div

5.    Story of the First Navy Flame Boat (Zippo)  


6.   APC Flamethrower


7. New photos 15th Flame unit/men


8.  Rivervet Site - Flame Boat section


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